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Different types of eCommerce
There is considerable hype about eCommerce that would lead many SMEs to believe they are lagging behind if they are not part of the new trading revolution. Much of the hype relates to success stories on Internet selling but other types of eCommerce relationships exist which can bring their own benefits:
Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  Where much of the initial success was generated as companies sold selected consumer products to an Internet-literate audience, willing to buy on-line. SMEs can also succeed in this area without an on-line selling capacity, simply by improving the marketing of their products to potential customers.
Business-to- Business (B2B)
  Interaction between businesses either in an established supply chain, or with new trading partners. An area which didn't get as much publicity as the business-to-consumer activities, but one now gaining more recognition and which is more important to small businesses in the manufacturing sector.
Business-to-Administration (B2A)
  A third category of eCommerce, still in the early stages of development, in which the business community interacts electronically with public sector organisations. Submission of planning applications, VAT returns, income tax, or patent registration, all come within this category and B2A applications (also known as eGovernment) have the potential to bring even more companies into the world of electronic trading.
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